Day 408 & 409


Yesterday was recovery from Saturday, and in the evening I worked on writing up my abdo project.  We watched episodes of Seinfeld on Netflix while eating dinner.  Today I went to the gym, and caught the subway to work as it was threatening to rain.  We had some good learning cases today in CTC then I spent the afternoon in ultrasound, working with techs that have been in the department for years who frequently reminisce about when staff were fellows.  Mid afternoon I needed coffee so ducked next door into CT where Ur was also low on caffeine.  In the queue at Starbucks Seng and Harsha lined up behind us.

I’d not put rounds into my iCalendar, and had forgot there was the Abdo Fellow welcome dinner tonight so it ended up being a long work day; straight to rounds after the last few ultrasounds were reported, then dinner to welcome the new fellows.  It doesn’t seem that long ago I was at last year’s dinner, in the same gastro pub.  Most of the group were seated at a long table, and I got sequestered with five others at a separate table.  I asked the waitress if we could join the table for 4 that was part of our booking (not everybody showed up), and all squish in.  This put her out and she eventually stormed off and said, “Do what you like!” So we did.

I’m not sure why I haven’t really looked ahead at my calendar this week but our next holiday has snuck up on me; tomorrow night we fly to Winnepeg then onward to Churchill Wednesday to tick of one of Dan’s bucket list items: snorkel with beluga whales.  I watched Jaws recently and am a bit nervous about swimming with anything.  I might stay in the boat and enjoy watching Dan have the time of his life.


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