Day 11

2013-06-25 Day 11 Back at Lawrence St Markets

Today was productive, but over too soon.  Daniel woke to a loud bang, and realised that there was a power cut.  Sirens were going off.   It was quite exciting.  I was asleep.  We left the building for breakfast when the power quickly returned, because it set off the fire alarm and the whole building was just too noisy.  That and it was getting Orwellian; the security guard was using the whole-building PA (speaker right above the bed) to notify about the power cut.  We ate breakfast at Eggspectations, the same tardy server was on duty.  We still tipped him. Like tourists we got to Sears when they were pushing open their doors.  Now that we have a place to move in to we were looking at all the linen, furniture, cookware, everything.  We walked out with a 50% Tefal 32 cm skillet.

2013-06-25 Zucchini Flowers!

2013-06-25 Jarvis St

Dan sorted out the electricity account.  I discovered my CPSO number (it is online) and updated my CMPA membership.  We decided on which IKEA bed to order tonight, for Friday delivery if possible so we can sleep on something when we move in this weekend.  We returned to St Lawrence Market and bought more giant chicken boobs and vegetables.  It’s half-price (i.e. only $5 a ticket) Tuesday in cinemas so we watched Monsters University.  On returning to the unit we did a quick gym workout, and are now showered and ready for another relaxing night in.  Start work next Tuesday.  This is my last holiday for a while.


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