Electronic Mandatory Learning

I’ve spent three hours this evening clicking through a thoroughly irritating electronic patient record learning program.  I had no idea I’d be in a position to be ordering medications and investigations and having to input patient allergy data during my fellowship in diagnostic radiology.  It had better come in handy.

It is so inefficient to create a program that requires you to submit each new piece of information by dragging a mouse all the way down to click a tiny “OK” button in the corner of the window.

Why can’t the “OK” button be HUGE?  Or just a few cm wide column on the side of the screen?

I have a sneaky suspicion that in reality I can just hit “Enter” or use a million keyboard short cuts, but for the purposes of the Mandatory Training you have to do it at a snail’s pace.

Thankfully even with the compulsory test, miss-clicking on my trackpad all over the place (each miss-click is counted as a response, and two successive incorrect responses a “fail” mark) I managed to get enough correct clicks to pass.

I’m probably sounding old right now.


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