Day 16 Pride Parade 2013

2013-06-30 Uniformed police were allowed to marchAfter a sleep in and more furniture assembly we walked to Yonge St to watch the parade 2013-06-30 2013 Toronto Pride parade– it took all of five minutes to walk West along Hayden Street from the backdoor of our apartment complex.

In Perth the annual Pride Parade takes about 45 minutes.  After an hour and a half and seeing every man and his dog in their own float (seriously, TD bank, the grocery store on Carlton/Church, Loblaws…) we turned around and had a break and a slice of pizza, watching the parade continue outside.

It went on for two hours!  Consequently, as it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, we stood in direct sunlight for two hours.  Toronto has UV radiation as we now both sport singlet-shaped slight sunburn (which is not flattering when I take my top of as it makes it look like I’ve got a pale white bra.

After the parade I went home for a few hours and finished assembling our IKEA day bed.

2013-06-30 Hooray for IKEAWe wandered among the crowds for a bit, ate some food, decided we weren’t so keen on the disco music at Greenspace, liked the music in the carpark opposite Woody’s (all these events were free!) but they were only selling beer.  We went into Woody’s with the plan of having a few drinks then returning back across the road, but never made it back.  Dan made friends and we ended up chatting with a group of guys that play volleyball together in a local team, and danced until midnight – whereby I declared myself a pumpkin and needed to go to bed (had to be at Mount Sinai by 08:30 to get my ID badge, then do the same at Toronto General Hospital).

It was a good day.


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