Canada Day Fireworks

The official Toronto Canada Day fireworks were at Mel Lastman Square – right on top of North York subway station.  We caught the train up at about 20:00, wandered around what looked like a family event, full of young children and prams.  By 21:00 we’d staked out a metre squared rectangle of grass, right next to a footpath.  From the angle of the cameras on tripods it looked like the top of the building behind the stage was the place to see.

By 22:15, the start time, the footpaths were full of standing people and all the grass and antiradial footpaths filled with seated people.  Not a drunk bogan in site.  No F’s or C’s being yelled.  It was very different to Perth’s Australia Day fireworks.  The pleasantness didn’t end there.  The fireworks were also pleasant.  A handful of displays drew vocal responses from the crowds.  Nothing went over 20 or 30 metres in height and the whole thing was over in six minutes.

Six minutes!  It was like watching a soufflé: blink and it’s gone.

I must have grown up spoilt, watching the multiple exploding giant chrysanthemums back home.  The trend has been toward the larger or louder displays.  At least we’re home before midnight, as my first day at work tomorrow starts at 07:30.


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