Despicable Me 2

Despite a long first day at work and a full day scheduled for tomorrow (CT at Mt Sinai, dictation software training, 2nd stage Mantoux, free outdoor cinema at 21:00) we went out tonight to see Despicable Me 2, as it’s $5 Tuesday tickets!

It wasn’t as funny as Monsters Inc. but we laughed a lot nonetheless.  The cinema was full of kids (strangely enough) and they lost it at every fart joke or absurdist joke.  I was a bit irked by the overarching theme that the family was incomplete without both a mother and father, given the ongoing anti-gay marriage arguments citing nuclear families as a reason against same-sex marriages.  Given I attended my grandfather’s second marriage (in his 60s) arguments that Daniel and I shouldn’t get married because we can’t make babies without surrogacy etc. and that I was raised mostly by a single mother the implicit championing of nuclear families got under my skin.  My Mum did a good job.  Both her children are university educated with honours degrees and contribute to the rest of society.

Toronto is so much more cosmopolitan than Perth.  I feel comfortable walking down the street holding hands with Daniel – something I’d never do in Perth.  We’ve only been heckled once so far, and that was uptown.  Something about, “Faggots still got style,” looking at our IKEA bags.  I didn’t hear it but Daniel did.   Watching floats in the Pride Parade on Sunday like the uniformed police, the local supermarket, the bus service… I choked up at each one, because it felt like I’d been holding my breath my whole life and could finally let go, exhale and relax.  It was so different to back home.  Being in a minority is so exhausting.  It’s so refreshing to feel ordinary, which is what I feel walking down Church Street.

Dan’s on Skype to his Dad, showing him the apartment.  John doesn’t seem to get that Dan has the volume up high, to hear him, and that even if he whispers I can still hear him talking about me.  Dan’s called his grandmother and father more frequently than when we were living in Perth.  I should figure out how to add credit to my Skype account (and also what my Skype account login is, I can’t recall) and call my parents too.  I think Mum leaves for an overseas trip in about 12 hours.

After the movie we wandered over to Terroni’s and tried their gnocchi and ravioli as well as the flourless chococlate cake with white chocolate granache.  Having had dinner at 16:30 left us hungry by 21:00.  The gnocchi was light but I really wanted spaghetti and meatballs (I saw it in the movie, not at all suggestible).

Tomorrow I will manage to wake up at 06:00 and get to the gym before work.


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  1. That almost made me cry, the way you described really exhaling for the first time. I remember feeling that way the first time that karen an I were in Brighton together. And we were already Married , but there for the first time In my life I felt true acceptance and in fact didn’t realise we were waiting to exhale too. . That was incredibly touching xxxxxx

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