Day 21 Fillet Mignon

I have no idea how to spell mingon.  Mignon.  I thought it was Ming.  I’m sure Shannan’s huntard in WoW was called Ming.

So much to write about today, I’ll have to do a list, as I’m trying to shove the most delicious and perfectly cooked (no idea how; I cooked it) fillet mignon:

  1. Got up at 06:00 and worked out at the exercise room, all to myself again.  Felt energized for the day and only needed three coffees.
  2. 2013-07-05 Fire trucks at 28 Ted Rogers WayThe building fire alarm went off as I was ironing my shirt, and I thought it was me but there was no smoke or steam and it stopped without anybody coming to check our apartment so it must’ve been somebody else burning toast.  3 fire trucks came, and went.
  3. Still haven’t figured out where I’m meant to walk West, against the hordes of commuters walking East at Bloor in peak hour.
  4. Got to work sweaty but was with Dr Jaffer again and we yacked on a bit, before knocking off almost all the CTs.
  5. Confirmed that a double macchiato at Second Cup, on the ground floor (actually it’s the third and it’s called “M” – whatever that means), is not too bad, even if it’s technically not a macchiato.
  6. Got my 2nd part TB test read.  It’s still negative, which is good and bad. Good that I don’t have to proceed to a CXR but bad because a negative test requires re-test annually.  /sigh
  7. MSH CT reporting is on Level 5
    MSH CT reporting is on Level 5

    I ended up with 38 reports on my list, so having done about 6 on the first day I must’ve increased my speed.

  8. So many interesting cases to report.  Metastatic GIST, other sarcomas, nice bowel obstructions subtle on plain film, weird lymphomas, an arteritis!  Today was practically an entire surgical sieve.
  9. Remembered to take the elevator to the 12th floor, where the breast clinic is, and met my Fellowship Supervisor, Dr Beresford. There was a moment of confusion, as I had no idea what she looked like, and she had forgot that I was going to drop in and wasn’t expecting me.  There as an awkward moment of, “Are you Dr Beresford?” and a, “Who are you?”  Then we chatted for half an hour before she gave me a lift home, as our place is on her way home.  It was freaky hearing her story about her career.  She had started in ID, working in HIV medicine, then started radiology because of a love of procedural work but then moved against intervention (because of the back-breaking lead gowns) into breast, for the biopsies.  I was simultaneously excited that this mirrored my own path and miffed that I was no longer unique.  I had started medicine with the goal of working in HIV medicine and Immunology, then decided on radiology because of procedures, chose not to do intervention (because of the mind-numbing vascular work and need to sleep at night, rather than be called in constantly), but still look forward to procedural work.
  10. Home alone for a few weeks, as Daniel has flown to London (England) to visit family/friends.  I get the bed all to myself.
  11. If I can stay awake I’ll catch the train and streetcar down to Queen St West to see Willam Belli perform but not sure I can stay up that late.  Or that I want to go by myself.
  12. Fillet mignon.

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