Day 23 It Rains Again

Daniel's pillow makes a great eye mask.
Daniel’s pillow makes a great eye mask.

I managed to sleep in today. Last week’s sunburn is still giving me a white man boob/bra appearance, but it’s fading.  Thank goodness.

I tried to relax today and do as little as possible.  But that’s hard to do when there is so much to do!

I’ve tidied up a bit around the apartment; we have a lot of small piles of things collecting, like paperwork.  I’m going to have to invest in one of those alphabetical organiser things because I’ve now got so many important pieces of paper I can’t remember what order they’re in, in their pile.

2013-07-06 Pulled the plastic bit to find the extra buttons.  But there aren't any.


I don’t get why by the air conditioner randomly resets the temperature to 29 degrees Celcius, when you’re asleep.  I thought maybe there’d be more buttons under the plastic bit, so I pulled it off.  There was just electronics. Luckily it all snapped back together perfectly.

There were instructions on the reverse side of the plastic about programming, which I tried to follow but didn’t succeed.  Perhaps this is the start of Skynet.


Half price shampoo and conditioner, that also matches the shower curtain.
Half price shampoo and conditioner, that also matches the shower curtain.


I am super impressed at how lovely the bathroom looks.  So glad we chose a place that was recently built, with nice linear fittings.  I’ve become viscerally opposed to oval and circular 80s bathroom curves.  The tiles and grout are also still white, which is also pleasant.  Last night i had a bath, in about 20 cm of water because I got bored waiting.




2013-07-07 The upside-down wall switches keep catching me out.

I did a couple of train trips today:

– Down to Dundas to get a rubbish bin and tissues from Canadian Tire.  Not thrilling but at least now we don’t have a plastic bag open with organic waste rotting in it, on the sink.

– Down to College with the intent to catch a streetcar West and find the corner store that had plants in it, which we passed on our initial walks around.  It started to rain when I left so I left that trip for another day, and walked East to Church/Carlton where the giant Loblaws is.  Such a fancy pants supermarket.  I bought two ferns (hopefully these will survive) as well as some well-intended groceries for the week (i.e. salad leaves, grape tomatoes, caesar salad dressing for the chicken that I cooked last night).  I now just have to motivate myself to assemble the ingredients into something to take for lunch tomorrow. I wish I’d bought the fish fingers.  I even found Milo!  I shall try that tonight.

I’ve done a load of washing dishes and laundry.  Yesterday I discovered that the bit of metal in the dishwasher that looks like a heating element, is a heating element.  I had put Dan’s new tongs in, with the plastic but hanging through, touching the metal thing.   The plastic melted and stuck to it, then got ripped off as the water rotating bit did it’s thing.  They’re broken now.  I hope Daniel wasn’t too attached to them.

Crap. I forgot to iron last night.  Ugh.

More rain.
More rain.

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