TD VISA Infinite Card

My TD VISA Infinite card just arrived.  It’s very pretty and green.  I called the service centre to activate it.  Unlike in Australia where some recorded message asks you to punch in a million numbers on the keypad, you have to speak to a real person in Canada.

While they’re activating the card they take a moment to let you know some things about the card, which is so nice.  I was going to suggest that I just put the phone on the table and I take a moment to have a shower.  Not sure what the activation involves but I imaged a crank, and a mouse on a wheel, and maybe some catalyst enzymes.

So, I wasn’t actually listening when the friendly Canadian accented guy was blabbing on about some insurance, but my interest was piqued when he started mentioning that the insurance would cover up to $10 000 to pay off the card (they only gave me a lower limit nowhere near that), there was some cover for loss of something (an ambiguous word, which I now forget, that could mean digit or limb) – to which I laughed out loud.  Then I couldn’t help but interrupt and ask how this was relevant to my account.

“But I already pay for Salary Protection Insurance [from Australia] which already gives me most of the benefits you describe!”

He kept using the phrase, “Not a problem,” to which I thought, “Well should it be a problem?”

And he asked, “Do you have any other questions?” when I hadn’t really thought I’d asked any initial questions.  I was very confused.

I declined their offer.  I think he was sad.

If only he’d said, “OK so I’ve activated your card and can I add our really cheap insurance plan which only costs a tiny percentage of your daily balance, for peace of mind blah blah blah?” I would’ve just said, “Yes, fine, can I go and have my dinner now?”


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