Day 25 Turkey Breast at 07:30

Storm casualty
Storm casualty

Day 25

I didn’t go to the gym as I had to be at work at 07:30.  I had been invited to the breast department Turkey Breast morning.  I was disappointed.  We weren’t going to eat turkey breast. Or bacon.  We were to biopsy them.

I’ve already biopsied olives out of chicken breasts, so this was more of the same thing.

The consultant talked for half an hour, which was good general biopsy tips (e.g. hydrodissect posterior lesions off the chest wall) and then I excused myself as I was late for my CT shift at MSH.

CT was good.  Worked with another new face.  It makes reporting so much easier when the phone isn’t ringing every five minutes.  I did take about three phone calls about second opinions, which were interesting.  One I couldn’t open the prior report – you have to search in the RIS specific for each hospital site by patient name as each hospital has its own UMRN (Unique Medical Record Number)…  So fiddly!  I can’t believe it but I was beginning to miss WA Health’s Agfa Impax, which integrates the RIS (Radiology Information System) into the display.  I even got unsolicited praise by the end of the day, which was good, as I was about to drop dead from exhaustion.  There are no “residents” (trainee radiologists) in Abdo currently so it was me and the consultant clearing the list.  We got it down to 6 cases.

Another call the doctor talked very fast when I picked up the phone and said something after his name about “Team 8 Blackberry”.  Now Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth is a children’s hospital, and the medical teams are colour-coded.  E.g. “Hi!” (said in an extremely annoying chirpy voice from an always too young female resident that isn’t wearing enough fabric) “I’m the INTERN! For Team PURPLE!”  “What on Earth does that mean!?” Somehow being in a team named after a colour means that everybody else in the world automatically knows that your team is a medical inpatient team looking after adolescents with gastrointestinal problems.  Or something equally esoteric.  So this week when the guy introduced himself as from “Team 8 BLACKBERRY!” I assumed it must be some Medical inpatient team filled with caffeine-addicted Gen Y doctors who wear skirts too short for a hospital setting.  Or thick-rimmed glasses and piercings.  God, I am getting old.  Turns out Blackberry is just a mobile telephone device that the teams have and he was trying to communicate his telephone number.  Canadians are strange.

I had a triple espresso, and a double espresso from Second Cup today.  I think I had palpitations on the train ride home.  I’m still quietly excited while waiting at the platform for the train to arrive.  It’s like London Tube or Paris Metro – an underground train station that is stuffy and hot and then the train arrives with a big whoosh!  And commuters stand real close, ignoring the train, doing their crossword or Sudoku.  There is a lack of graffiti though.  Always people begging, which is sad.

My Nespresso welcome pack arrived, but not the free gift (a useless empty box).  I’m just thankful for the caffeine as the only sample pods I had left were almost no caffeine.

I hope we can take most of this stuff back to Australia, when we go home in two years. Or at least give it to a good home.  Except for the IKEA underbed drawers, which I will have to return. I can’t believe we ordered the wrong bed.

Thank God for Nespresso deliveries.
Thank God for Nespresso deliveries.

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