Day 26 How can it almost be a month already!?


Alarm went off.  Contemplated going back to bed.  Was still in the middle of trying to do something in my dream, and wasn’t awake enough to realise I didn’t have to complete a non-existent task.


Did chest and biceps at the gym.  Again had the whole place to myself.  Which is good.  Last night’s Japanese was making me surround the bench press, cable flies, fitball, and a treadmill with noxious gas.


Wondered how time got away from me and it was time go to work already.  Forgot my umbrella.  Came back for my umbrella.

07:352013-07-10 07.48.12

Bloor station announcement that Queens Park was delayed because of “smoke at track level” and fire crews.  Changed route and caught University line South, to College.  Caught a streetcar

Fire trucks!
Fire trucks!



Said hello to the CT radiographers, protocolled a few CTs.

08:00 until 17:45

Cleared the MSH Abdo CT list, several times.  It’s like ED.  You see patients, then more arrive.  It was relaxing to be on top of the list though.  Unlike last week when there were up to 20 unreported studies – which are basically all for me (plus the consultant in between screening studies).

Today I learned a lot.  The luxury of being on top of the list meant Dr Jaffer and I had more time to discuss complicated cases (nearly half of them, it’s such a specialised institution), look up articles, and call referrers about weird findings.  GIST, pseudomyxoma peritonei , metastatic leiomyosarcoma are not common tumours but I’ve already seen several cases.  I even got to read up on IPAA surgery for UC – Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis surgery after total proctocolectomy for ulcerative colitis.  I even found a nifty blog:

There are blogs for everything.

I’ve got three or four PDF articles emailed to myself from myself that I have to add to the pile of, “Things to read”.


Took pleasure in reading more of Capital on my iPhone on the subway home.  I’ve started to walk through the stations without consciously looking where I’m going, then panic that I’ve gone the wrong way, or got off at the wrong station.

It was so much cooler coming home than going to work, which is just plain weird.  In Perth in summer it’s cooler before work and stinking hot on the way home.  Here I sweated through my shirt in the humidity on the way to work but relaxed in the cold breeze coming home.  It’s like the world is upside down.

The pub on the corner down the road does Wed special 1.5 pounds of chicken wings.  After last night’s over eating I am cooking two minute noodles for dinner (with shitake mushrooms, Chinese sausage, tofu and snow peas).

I joined last night and realised today that I’m not on call until Friday, so if there are any tickets left I might get to go see my first show tomorrow night.

Miss Dan.


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