My Food Baby Has Twins

I didn’t finish work until 17:30.  Catching two trains home (2 stops each, changeover at St George) took 25 minutes.  I should have focussed on food first.  Instead I opened my mail, called VISA and sorted out the mail, while messaging Daniel on Facebook chat (started to miss him today).  Consequently, when I decided that, rather than cooking dinner, I could just go downstairs and 50 metres down to the corner where there are three food places (something Indian, something Japanese, some grill place, oh and an English pub so that’s four places)…

I did ask the Japanese waitress at Asahi Sushi, “Is that too much?  For one?  I’m hungry!”  My mixed mushrooms, and then vegetable tempura, and then bento box was enough for two people.  She must’ve thought I had no small or large bowel and had donated my right liver and kidney to my sister.

I think my distal oesophagus is filled with vegetable tempura (which interestingly came with three prawns).  I want to vomit.

Will have to go back, with Dan next time.


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