Day 27 Academic Day

Today has been quite productive, though as I don’t yet have a research project to work on it was mostly setup, sweeping, errands, haircut, dishes, laundry, and trying to remember the name of Papers, as a replacement for Endnote, which I have at home, packed up, and forgot to install on my laptop before leaving.

I accidentally slept in.  Sometime yesterday I must’ve thought ahead and turned off my alarms, as the next seven days I’m rostered noon – 22:00.  I thought it was unusually bright, then realised it was already 07:00.

I managed to chat to Daniel briefly, on Facebook, which was good.  Somehow with the timezones and me being at work and him being out, we’ve managed to only intermittently communicate.  On the days I was very busy I didn’t notice but on the one day I wasn’t busy I felt terribly lonely.

Student Card!
Student Card!

My main aim for today was to get my UoT student card.  It is something that had to be done during business hours.  While out West (anything West of University Ave in my mind is “West”) I thought I’d use the opportunity to get on the streetcar into Little Italy and buy one last plant for the balcony, because I still had one empty pot. We had walked past a corner convenience store in our first week, and there had been a good range of seedlings.  I didn’t recall how expensive they were.

When I got off the streetcar I saw Enzo’s Barber Shop.  How seredipitous!  My hair has got longer, and was flat once I started washing it (took us a few weeks for me to remember to buy shampoo and conditioner).  I walked in just as a man and his daughter were leaving.  The barber was an Italian man, funnily enough being in Little Italy, and was very agreeable to my request for a short back and sides with half the length left on top.  “Yes! Very good!” He turned the chair around, and I thought I’d be swivelled to face the mirror but I wasn’t.  He did my whole hair cut facing a mirror behind.  I have no idea why.  The place was empty other than the two of us.  He tried to make conversation but I never feel comfortable talking to somebody that should be concentrating on their work, so we lapsed into silence.  When he finished he then turned me around – the closer mirrored wall was for the big reveal.  I had to consciously do what Canadians seem to do and be over the top, “That’s WONDERFUL! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

I left a little itchy from the stray bits of hair on my collar. I hate that.

Box of plants.
Box of plants.

At K & P Variety Store my jaw dropped.  The seedlings were four in a punnet, 2 for $1.  The herbs were $2.99 each.  They had thin (thus light) small terracotta pots for only $1.29 each (plus HST).  I bought 21 new plants, 20 pots for only $55!  I then had to get them home.

I can’t get over how helpful most Canadians are.  I had two people see me struggling with my box of pots and box of plants in the subway, and rush over from the door they were about to go through, to open a door for me.  I’m not even old!  Only old people might get that assistance in Perth.  It made me feel ashamed for my whole country.  Chagrin was what I felt, actually.

At home I downloaded Papers 2, the program that helps sort out your articles and I think also can be used as cite as you write.  I then set to read the GI articles I’d collected during the last week, from Dr Jaffer. I managed to cook lunch, dinner for tomorrow, sweep the floor, pot all my plants, sweep outside, do the laundry, have four cups of coffee, and read one article.  I’m going to get heaps done on my academic days, most of it around the house.  I contemplated going to the computer area in TGH, but then I’d just end up talking to the admin staff or wandering over to reporting and talking to whoever was on duty.

At 17:15 we had rounds – today’s talk was an orientation to the biopsy centre.  I was the first one there, at 17:00.  I had read more of my book on my iPhone on the train.  I got worried that I had come to the wrong hospital, but checked the timetable.  Soon Vaughan arrived, an abdo fellow who trained in Melbourne. Then Violette, a Sydney-sider.  Three Aussies!  The only Aussie abdo fellow left was Anna but she is on call tonight and probably couldn’t get away from TGH.

As with last Thursday afterwards Nehal, from London, was looking around asking who wanted to “go for a drink”.  You cancount on the English and Australian fellows to go to the pub.  We were joined by one of the Canadian fellows, who’s from Ottawa but here by himself (it’s too much to uproot his wife and kids just for 12 months when they’re all settled at home).  It was great.  We were there for just an hour but managed to share our collective ordeals with immigration, registrations, bureaucracy.  “Thirsty Thursdays” will hopefully be a regular thing; we don’t get to see each other otherwise, all being at different sites in different modalities simultaneously covering abdominal imaging.

I have an hour before Ineed to catch the train across to Bathurst St to see a show tonight.  Hopefully I’ll feel less sick by then.  I tried the “hand cut burger” at the pub (Queen and Beaver) which was basically a fatty meat patty, dripping with melted cheese, topped with two rashers of bacon, in between bread.  Won’t be getting that again.


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  1. Your balcony already looks so much better than mine and I have lived here for almost 7 years!

    I must try that Papers thing. How does it compare to EndNote? I never bothered going to the library to get EndNote installed.

    Have you used You can share your bookmarked articles there.

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