We Don’t Talk to People Below the 10th Floor

When Dan and I moved into our complex and shared a lift, the other passengers got off on a lower level.  When they got out I jokingly whispered, “We don’t talk to people below the 10th floor!” It was funny to make an arbitrary distinction between floors.

It was interesting though how creating a prejudice filters your perception of things.  Since then I’ve only noticed when people that get off below the 10th floor aren’t dressed as nice, or just don’t look as good.

It was like that old school class prejudice exercise that’s been going around Facebook lately, where the teacher tells the class one day that blue-eyed kids are better, cites on example from one student of brown vs. blue eyes each that seems to prove this, and they lap it up.  Then the next day, says she lied the day before and the reverse is true.

Anyway, just found out that Bec Prince, another WA fellow (we went to Med School at about the same time) is moving in this weekend, on level 25 or 26!  That’s higher than my apartment!  I hope she talks to us in the elevator.

I just caught the train down to Queen St to go to the bank (TD bank branches close at 18:00 or 20:00, depending on the branch – I got the wrong one) and then buy potting mix at Canadian Tire and batteries for my mouse.

My new rain coat.  It's white.
My new rain coat. It’s white.

I got side-tracked at a giant store called Hudson’s Bay Company, in which practically everything was on sale.  I need to business shirts for work.  I felt very Pretty Woman as I only had clogs with socks, shorts and a tank top.  The store man looked down his nose at me, as I was inspecting the Victorinox rain coats that I had seen before and longed after.  It was 50% off!  I tried on the medium and large, walked around and didn’t find a shirt I liked (they’re all hideous checks, polyester, or really nice but really expensive and not on sale), then bought the raincoat.  Stupid Harmonised Service Tax (HST); it added 13% to the price of the jacket which pyschologically made it seem less of a bargain.

I made it to Canadian Tire and lugged home a very large bag of potting mix.  It’s amazing how many indecisive people appear out of nowhere to stand in front of you in the subway, or walk slow, or stop walking, or decide to go backwards, when your entire arm’s circulation is cut-off by a shopping bag.

I found some rechargeable batteries too, so my mouse is working again.

Academic day tomorrow, so I might level my mage tonight.  I miss watching her evocate.


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