Day 30

Went to gym.

Caught up with Ben on Skype.  Made me feel less isolated and alone (somehow being alone on the other side of the world is isolating).

Went to work.  Another 10-hour shift done.  Four to go.  Falling asleep.

A few interesting cases today.

Tried a chicken caesar wrap from the food court under the hospital.  10 hours later and I still feel nauseated with a grumbling stomach.  Maybe I’m hungry.  I can’t tell.

Need sleep.


2 thoughts on “Day 30

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  1. Drop me a line on Skype some time! I will tell you bad jokes to cheer you up! I am full first name dot full last name.

    1. Hahaha that cryptic message requires me to spell, something which has gone out the window due to Dragon dictation software. I dictate, it comes up with random words, I no longer know what it was I said or what makes sense. I’ll figure it out after a cup of coffee…

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