Day whatever it is

This block of consecutive evening shifts is testing my stamina.  Again, standing at the train platform, reading my book on my iPhone and trying not to fall over or pass out I welcomed the warm glow of the train lights coming approaching the platform, reflected off the tiled wall, before the sound of the train or the gale-force wind it creates as it bursts into the station.  I didn’t even notice it stop at the station between St George and Bloor, just looked up with alarm when I realised I was at my stop.

Was rostered CT TGH today.  They have complicated cases.  Interesting complicated cases.  Need to carefully review everything because everything has something wrong with it.

This morning I got to talk to Monika on Skype before I went to work.  Her tomato plant is a metre tall.  Her baby bump is a good going second trimester.

It was hot and humid today.  I didn’t wear a tie.  It was too hot.  Stepping out of the hospital tonight was like stepping into a hot bath, of air.  Hopefully I’ll fall asleep soon.

2 more sleeps until I get to see Daniel again.


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