Day 34 Scrubs

I knew I should have packed my RPH scrubs.  I had emailed the admin at UHN and was told, “No, all the fellows wear long shirts and long pants…” because, well, they do.  But that didn’t mean I couldn’t wear scrubs.  Like next week, when I’m in the biopsy centre.  And, if I want, I can just wear scrubs constantly.  With a hot summer and commuting to work, I’ve been sweating through my long-sleeve shirt and tie, and just being icky.  Today I put a deposit down at TGH for scrubs.

Scrubs! I have them.  Oh and Dan is home.
Scrubs! I have them. Oh and Dan is home.

The material is great; it’s sheer and light.

The pants have no fly.  They have a labia-like opening with two halves of material that just flop about in the breeze.  I lifted my shirt to show the other abdo fellows and could see my underwear.  Argh!  I’ll need to invest in a safety pin.

Tonight I wished for a busy night because the call last night was quiet and thus I got bored.  My wish came true.  Late, from rounds, then lots of CTs.  And complicated cases because that’s the referral centre I work in.  Worked late, until about 22:20.  But tomorrow, I’m not on call any more!  Until Christmas time! Yaaaay!


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