Day 34

Went to the gym.

Daniel returned home, without luggage.  For some reason it’s in New York.

We did some laundry.

It’s so humid and hot I wore a singlet and shorts to the monthly breast fellow rounds, which drew a few comments of, “Are you at work today!?”  “It’s too hot outside to wear anything else!”

I paid a deposit for hospital scrubs and now have some UHN scrubs, to wear at the biopsy centre next week.

Time for lunch, reading of articles (rostered academic this afternoon) before 17:15 Thursday Abdo Fellow Rounds and last on call shift until Christmas!  Yippee!

Daniel is sleeping on our huge bed.  I don’t know if I want to have to share it.  I have been sleeping sideways, and rolling around all night.  Haven’t woken upside down like when I was a kid.  Yet.


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