Day 35


Got to work at 08:00, did the protocols and looked at an empty list. It’s unusual to have nothing to report.  I used the time to catch up writing some template reports, including ones that have “fields” – which the voice dictation software can tab between, when it decides to recognise me saying, “next field” and tab (most of the time it just goes ???? or writes “next field” into my report).

The US fellow at MSH called in sick, so I got pulled out of CT and put into US to help, as it was busy there.  It was lucky I’d been rostered in US earlier in the week and figured out that they work similar to RPH – sonographers check scans, leave the request on your pile, and eventually you get to report everything at lunch.

The afternoon was quite relaxed, as we managed to keep on top of the list.

After work Dan met me at the hospital, we crossed University Ave and went into the General and met Anna, one of the other Abdo Fellows.  We went to a nearby pub (Queen & Beaver) and had a few drinks, and dinner, and dessert.  While we were in the pub it rained, and was stormy.  Then it cleared and the sun came back out!

Niagara tomorrow.


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