Dan got up and is at his desk, the other side of our bedroom "window".  That's the sun above his head.
Dan got up and is at his desk, the other side of our bedroom “window”. That’s the sun above his head.

I tried to sleep in this morning but I needed to pee, the sun was very bright through our bedroom window (still haven’t got around to getting a curtain) and Dan got up.  I was half-awake half-asleep dreaming that I was working for Global Diagnostics, on call, and the PACS system wasn’t working and I had to go and get a takeaway curry.  It was all very confusing.  I’ve been dreaming a lot of task-based dreams lately and wake up feeling compelled to finish my imaginary task.  I think I was working at RPH the night before.

We started our day on Church Street, at the Hair of the Dog, with Dave & Antony and their friends Richard, and Manny.  It was an energetic brunch, filled with raucous laughter.  Richard certainly talks a lot and has a lot of travelling stories.  I was screaming with Dave’s driving in yesterday’s rental.  Richard manages to break his.

The food at the Hair of the Dog was good.  Portion sizes weren’t ridiculous and they were tasty.  Possibly go back next weekend I think.

Dan and I then went with Dave & Antony to the CN tower.  It’s like Sydney’s tower and every other city’s tower.  You pay money, go up high, “ooh” at the view, then get bored quickly and go somewhere else.  We did not  brave the Edge Walk experience.  It was a good view though.  I thought Toronto island would be bigger, and further away.

We had lunch somewhere on King St.  A price fixed $15 for 3 course meal.  Again modest portions but acceptable quality food.  Dave pressed us for advice about our Work Permit application process, as Antony is going to interview in Halifax tomorrow, and considering Sick Kids after that.  It’s weird that so many Perth people all end up here.  It’s like a country-exchange program, except without Canadians going to Perth.

After saying goodbye Dan and I walked down to the Harborfront because I wanted to buy a lunch box, and had seen one several weeks ago in a shop next to the Power Station museum, shortly after we’d found out we had got the apartment.  It looks nice but isn’t too functional.  We stopped off at College Station on the train ride home, to get the cheaper but better designed plastic lunchbox from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Somehow we also then went to Marshalls on the next floor up and bought a not-on-sale-comforter set for the day bed.  And a giant pillow.  I think next year we are not going to want to move house.

This morning I was standing on the balcony, watching the plants sway gently in the breeze (today’s weather was glorious: not too hot, not too cold, just right).  I was happy.  So far neither fern has died and I think all the chilli plants are a little taller.

I’m rostered in the biopsy centre this week, which is good.


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