Day 40 Biopsy Centre & Top Secret

The biopsy centre wasn’t as busy today as yesterday, because a few people didn’t show up, which was a welcome relief because I had slept poorly.  “DNA” used to be my favourite three letters in outpatient clinics.  Did Not Attend.  A chance to catch up on writing notes and letters, or maybe even get to the toilet.  I am half way to a gold Starbucks card already.  I feel like such a sellout, but it’s terribly convenient being the next level down from Medical Imaging.

I managed a lunch break today.  It was sunny.  I sat behind TGH on some grass.
I managed a lunch break today. It was sunny. I sat behind TGH on some grass.

Daniel cooked a simple but annoyingly delicious chicken and rice with soya sauce, and steamed broccoli and sugar snap peas.  I wanted to Korean all-you-can-eat BBQ but we need to not eat out too much.  Daniel placed an order for a Thermomix today, so we’re poor again.  I think I got my last pay cheque from WA Health, as it was a bit bigger than usual.  Looks like my remaining leave has been paid out.

Tonight was the weekly free cinema screening on the Harbourfront.  It was a strange film from the early eighties called Top Secret.  Full of Dad jokes.  Val Kilmer looks so young.  We figured out the bus route from Union Station to the Harbourfront, which will be helpful when we have to catch the Porter plane from Toronto island.

I started sneezing tonight, which probably means last night’s headache was a head cold prodrome and not a fatal meningitis (which is what I told Daniel I probably had when I went to bed, so said goodbye just in case).

I can’t believe we’ve been here for forty days already.  It was a bit cool today and I instantly mourned the loss of summer.  I had another two patients today rave on about my Australian accent.  One insisted I watch Crocodile Dundee, which I never watched because I was a child and more interested in lining up my pencils in colour order.


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