Day 45 Our New Baby

Daniel ordered a Thermomix last week, from Thermomix Canada.  We haven’t had a Thermomix for almost 2 months now.  The drought is over.

2013-07-29 18.49.58-1I was in CT at the General today.  It is terribly confusing having to answer two phones.  They are connected somehow so that the Resident’s phone rings, even if it is the Staff’s phone line.  I still haven’t figured this out and pick up the phone, but forget to press the “switch line” button.  I end up saying a very polite, “Good morning, CT, Dr Lo speaking,” to nobody, get confused, then panic and hang up, and pick up the next phone along and it’s quiet, so I’m not sure if I had hung up on somebody.  I don’t think I ever want to work at a switchboard.

I had three double espressos from Starbucks today.  I got a splitting headache by Monday rounds at 17:15.  When I was walking the aisles of Metro at College Station, buying groceries to make sandwiches for lunch tomorrow (I made a healthy chicken salad for lunch today and was homicidal by noon, as I’d eaten it by 11:00 and was ravenous), I was delirious, with blurred vision.

Daniel had cooked a yummy dinner by the time I’d got home, not actually in the Thermomix for lack of appropriate ingredients.

We played a game of Squarrel, one of our new card games, and I won. By a long margin.


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