Stand Right: London Tube vs. Toronto Subway

When I commute to or from work I just want to get where I’m going.  Tonight, as I tried to get home in time to shower, change, eat, and get to the movies in time for the screening I really wished I could replace all the other commuters with Londoners.

In London everybody stands on the right, and keeps out of the way of people wanting to walk faster, on the left.

In Toronto everybody seems to stand slightly to the right, but let their handbags and backpacks take up the space on the left of them, so they look indignant if you happen to bump them while walking past.

In London people on the tube know where they are going, or they keep out of the way, or just get elbowed out of the way.

In Toronto everybody in front of me seems to want to stop, decide to go a different way, walk diagonally or just walk a little slower, like they are falling asleep.

In London people move down the carriage, or just get jostled down with the flow of people that move them.

In Toronto they have signs to, “Move further along, please.”  I did a London tube thing and just pushed past the guy blocking the doorway/carriage and he looked insulted at me.

The one weird good thing about this relaxed weird behaviour in Toronto is watching people go up stairs.  They form lines.  And when opposite direction flow increases, they merge.  It’s spooky it’s so orderly.  And it’s nothing like Perth.


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  1. When I first arrived in London, I was so intimidated by London commuters. Within 3 months I was horrified that I had become one of them!

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