Day 49 Our First Weekend Getaway: Montreal

Friday afternoon couldn’t come soon enough.  Even though I had fun in ultrasound all day, with the United Colours of Benetton sonographers, I was hanging out for the time to go home, get changed and head to the downtown airport to fly to Montreal!

Daniel met me on the way home with an umbrella.
Daniel met me on the way home with an umbrella.

It was a sunny afternoon when I left TGH, caught the streetcar East to College, and got on the subway.  When I got off the subway at Bloor I was confused.  The ground outside was wet.  It had started to rain.  An hour later, when we were trying out the local pub, The Bishop and the Belcher, it was a storm.  My pants were saturated from the knee down by the time we ran back to our apartment to get our bag.

The flight from Toronto to Montreal was just over an hour.  An hour of bumpy up and down, through clouds.  I couldn’t read.  For some reason I was salivating like a dog.  I had bravely tried to finish my yorkshire pudding dish at the pub but have never eaten so many peas.  I think my esophagus must have been three quarters full of mushed up peas and gravy.

The transfer from Montreal airport to downtown – I think we are near a gay street – was an easy $9 bus ride, much like the same in Sydney and Melbourne.  Except all the signs are in French.  And I had left it up to Daniel to organise the hotel and transfer (I booked the flights), and had no idea where we were or going.

I like to walk around a bit, no matter when we land, so we ventured downstairs.  St Catherine something street looks like a Northbridge meets Oxford St area.  We walked from one McDonald’s to the next, in a street closed off to traffic, for the summer.  I didn’t find a crepe so we’ve come back to sleep.  Also there were so many twig thin twinks and beefcake muscle that I felt very out of shape.

So far my vote of things to do tomorrow is to go to a giant cemetery I saw on the map, to take photos.  Cemeteries are fascinating.  Not only are varied lifespans interesting but what families chose to reveal about the dead person on their gravestone is too.


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