Day 50 Montreal

Montreal has thus far been:

Visually a feast, like Paris.

Confusing to understand, due to lack of fluency in French, like Paris.  Mado spoke French so fast there was no way we could interpret fast enough.

Crepes for lunch.

Bicycle tours look fun but are low gear, seat too low, and drive like shopping trolleys. I got a headache.

Hotel nap was good, until the lady next door talked too loud we woke and couldn’t sleep.

Dinner in Old Town was made even better by the view of a hot buff guy by the window seat, who also left behind us, and over took us window shopping, so we followed him (mobile site-seeing), until he snotted into the kerb.  We went back to Notre Dame and continued to look at buildings.

19:00 light show in Notre Dam started then stopped.  Faulty.  No refund available.

Went to the Quay and saw an hour of non stop drag shows.  Feet got sore.  Rain started. Went home. The drag event continued.  Missed the fire works! Damn!

Went back out along Rue St. Catherine.  Started at Apollon which was near empty but picked up after midnight.  Discovered 2nd bar downstairs. Dan danced.  I battled with my right contact feeling like it was scratching my cornea.  Tried to go to another club, but it is closed.  Walked up to Unity and decided that music was too same.

So many biceps walking around with tank tops, attached to coiffed heads.  I now no longer can eat and must live on a bench press.  Also people passed out on the kerb, and people that talk to you after you have walked by. This time though there wasn’t a man like in Amsterdam who had lost his cat, Charlie: walking around calling softly, “Charlie!” while looking on the ground for his cat.  It must have been very small not to see it.

Suddenly we were tired.  Dan is already showered and in bed.

Lots to do tomorrow.


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