Day 52 Montréal Biodome, Botanic Garden, Insectarium

My feet are sore.  We pounded pavement today.  Daniel is currently “not having a nap”, sound asleep.  Glad to have got rested yesterday and was full of energy this morning, which we needed.  We caught the train from the nearby interchange station, Berri UQAM, and got off at PIE-IX.  In front of Olympic Park we were taking photos and a heterosexual couple offered to take our photo.  The woman was from Leigh-on-Sea, which is where we know people from.  Small world.

At the garden I ran off down the road, to the left.  Turns out you have to purchase tickets first, to the right.  The queue took half an hour.  I tried to buy tickets online on my phone, as suggested by a sign, but the website just timed out.  Better not have charged my credit card!  In the queue the park had employed an actor/comedian who was dressed up in a safari suit and was offering hilarious snippets of audience-interaction in both French and English.

We spent hours in the garden.  It’s huge.  There were also about 50 topiary sculptures for a triennial exhibition that moves between cities.  Each sculpture got bigger and bigger and our jaws kept dropping.

They had cacti, bonsais, ferns, tropical plants, trees, spices… I almost bought a watering can.

We left the park about 13:00, in search of food.  I found what looked like a nearby restaurant on TripAdvisor, which turned out to be about 1.5 km away and no longer in existence.  Daniel then looked on UrbanSpoon and found a nest of food places a further few blocks South.  We ended up a fair way from the Olympic Park but found a cafe that had a selection of prepared dishes.  And free wifi.  Uploaded several photos.

Back at the Biodome, again filled with families (somehow a sunny summer public holiday and everybody gets the same idea as us…) which we zipped around in under an hour.

Fly back to Toronto tomorrow so hopefully we can stay awake tonight to see something at Cabaret Mado, if it’s open.


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