Day 56 Friday Again

Did not manage to get up at 6am to go to the gym this morning.  Have started coughing.  There’s an URTI going around.  Explains yesterday’s headache.  Work was busy today.  I had a PGY1 Pathology Resident.  Postgraduate Medical work is different in North America to Australia; doctors enter training programs (“residency”) straight out of medical school!  The doctor that I had with me all day is going to train in pathology, after a year’s general rotations.  I tried to explain the day’s ultrasound cases with pathology relevance. Thankfully RANZCR fellowship exams required me to make pathology notes (for an MCQ and a viva) and I was able to at least share some of my Powerpoint notes on relevant topics (e.g. the usual thyroid nodule surveillance, testicular and ovarian tumour ultrasounds).

I ate lunch at my workstation, but made sure to get a coffee at 15:00.  3 stars to go until Gold Starbucks card.

We had dinner tonight at the all-you-can-eat sushi down Church St, with Lauren and Pauline.  Between us we had at least 9 serves (they are small, like tapas) of chicken kara age.  The girls are planning the coming week, as Lauren is visiting Toronto for a week.  Lauren had written down a timetable, complete with weather diagrams, on the train to Toronto.

My plants have all recovered from last weekend’s drought.  8 of the 12 chilli plants are now huge, for their pot size.  Super happy about that.

Niagara on the Lake peach festival tomorrow.  Then possibly driving 2 hours North in the night to look at some meteor shower.


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