Day 59 UltraPound

Got up at 6am and went to the gym.  Had it all to myself, and plugged my iPhone into the stereo system.  Started with Euphoria by Loreen, from Eurovision 2012.  By the time somebody else came in, I was almost done, and up to Eurythmics Sweet Dreams, having done 4 sets of either 10 or 12 of alternating chest and bicep weights.

On the train to work I read more of my ebook.  Not sure if I already wrote down but the novelty of a new city is wearing off and I’ve noticed the same irritating things that occur in Perth.  For example, in Starbucks I spent the first month marvelling at the all the funny names for types of milk at the counter.  Now I just grind my teeth at inconsiderate people that stand in the middle of the counter and can’t figure out what they are doing, while there is room for three and there is a queue behind them.

At Queens Park Subway/Streetcar corner of College and University I passed the same homeless guy that sits there every day, his crestfallen downcast gaze perfected to look simultaneously pitiful and humble at the same time.  He works hard at this: three days in the last five he’s in conversation with people that stop to talk (I haven’t eavesdropped to hear if it’s advice, “reaching out”, preaching, or something else), he’s always there, sitting so still.  It’s such a different approach to begging than in India, where as soon as you’re seen loud vocalisation and gesturing commences.  On Church Street I’ve seen two different guys holding up the same cardboard sign: Smile if you masturbate, donate if you enjoy it.  Or something along those lines.  In Montréal a woman was standing at the top of the escalator asking of each new face that arrived at the top.

Work today was tiring.  Thanks to Starbucks I made it through the day as well as rounds after work.  Got to review and scan another bowel case, which is good because we don’t do much of that in Perth.

Daniel made delicious chicken burger patties for dinner.  I stopped off at the Metro at College Station on the way home to buy little buns, and T-sauce.  He’s spent all day at home working.  We’ll definitely be earning our 24-hour road trip to Point Pelee by this weekend.


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