Day 61 Suddenly Busy

Not a good time to get sick.  Have had a head cold on and off for the past week or so, and spent much of last night coughing.  Work today was busy.  Came home with about 15 more articles to read.

Had dinner last night with Kurt and Matt, radiographers from back home on holiday in North America.  We ended up talking shop a lot, which I felt bad for as Daniel had to sit and listen.  Walked around King St West, trying to find a movie to watch but missed good seats for Elysium and the TIFF building was screening things that we didn’t know anything about, and there was a complete lack of flyers or posters to shed any light on the films.

Had some good cases to learn from at work today.  I chose to walk from the hospital, out the back entrance on Elizabeth St, to College Station.  I bought groceries at Metro.  Somehow the platform was already full, and when a train arrived it was full.  Nobody could get on.  I waited.  The next train was the same – except for two people off and two on.  I walked home.  A dry cough and a tension headache, carrying a bag of peaches.

Dan had thankfully already good dinner – a yummy curry with mushy rice.    We watched another episode of United States of Tara on Netflix.  Who needs a TV?

Dan had booked tickets to see a musical theatre production, Anything Goes, down on King St.  We’ve never seen it. It was entertaining.  Struggled to stay awake though.  The train home was again packed; another Blue Jays game I think.

This has been going around Facebook, and is currently at 1.5 million views on YouTube.  Had us laughing.


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