Day 76 Another Week Almost Gone

Ultrapound today was like the weather this week; periods of sunny joy without a care in the world, then sudden thunderstorm and sheets of rain.  The staff radiologist I was working with today did a cool contrast-enhanced ultrasound of incidental liver lesions.

Still haven’t got my Australian federal election papers, weirdly.  Daniel got his.  We both applied for overseas postal votes at the same time, with the same address.

Yesterday our free Samsung tablet something Galaxy from TD bank arrived (part of a promotion).  It doesn’t navigate like my iPhone or iPad so I got bored within ten minutes.

I’m halfway through the second book of the Death Gate Cycle and am increasingly irritated by the complete disregard by the authors of their imaginary world with constant references to things that don’t exist in their world: Jewish mothers, Merlin, a butler in a B-grade movie, university, Gandalf…




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