Day 77 Trying to Stay Awake

I’ve not slept well the past few weeks, and have been frustrated by this non-shakable cough/runny nose/head cold/maybe it’s all allergies to the smog that has kept me up at night.  This morning I tried to sleep in, keep rested.  At 06:30 it sounded like a parade of emergency vehicles going down/up Bloor St that woke us up.  I forced myself to eat my bowl of porridge with a banana and dollop of yoghurt, the same thing I’ve eaten all month.  I stumbled down the street into the subway, where again it was humid and stifling hot.  I read another chapter of my ebook on my iPhone.

Catching the streetcar from College subway station to University Ave is always a range of experiences.  Sometimes there is one right there, like today, and I get right on.  Sometimes I wait ten minutes.  Sometimes it’s full and I get nervous that I’ll get stuck on it and end up further West than I’ve ever been.  Today I got a seat.  I only have to go about three blocks West but if I walk I need a shower by the time I get to the hospital.  The guy that stands at the top of the stairs, handing out the free daily newspaper, probably called Metro, recognised me and looked simultaneously peeved and disappointed, because I never take a copy.  I smiled and nodded hello but he was already looking away.

The surly guy at Starbucks with a chemotherapy inspired hipster beard (patchy and bitsy with variable hair growth) took my order for coffee.  He manages to look both annoyed and in pain when he takes my order. I feel like I’ve offended him somehow.  Everybody else is so friendly, even the tall Chinese guy that stuffs up every order.  I had to squeeze in between a display and the milk stand as the whole queue had been moved a metre to the left today.  The building works in the driveway out front are finishing up (trees appeared in the middle of the new concrete construction last week) and it looks like a door and courtyard area will be opening/reopening.

I started off bravely at work today, finally feeling better and awake.  After a million thyroid cancer surveillance or HCC surveillance scans I’d lost my zeal.  By lunch (I ate at my desk again, unable to figure out when/if I should actually go away for a break) my cough had returned and I just needed to sleep.

Anna-Maria and Gordanna were really sweet, calling the reporting area and asking if it was OK that they brought me back an espresso machiatto.  I’d bought Anna-Maria a coffee yesterday when she was stuck at the coordinator desk all day.

Today everybody thought it was a day to bring something for morning/afternoon tea.  I thought about it but didn’t get around to it.  Sevinge bought in a whole tray of croissants.  Eric bought a box of Timbits.  Gordanna bought a tray of apple strudels.  At lunch there was the monthly departmental radiology staff lunch.  We didn’t go hungry.

We scan a lot of patients who have HIV.  Twice today I got to point out to the person/s I was talking to that there is a difference between being HIV positive and being immunosuppressed, or having an infection with a bacteria (HIV is a virus not a bacteria) or another virus or something else.  Unless it’s a direct effect of the virus on the organ/system of interest it sounds ridiculous to me to hear somebody think it suffice to explain, “Oh, well he/she has HIV.”  I enrolled in Medical School because I wanted to be able to stick up for my community, from the inside.

I got home to find Kevin and Daniel excited from their trip to the science museum, where they’d played antique computer games.  The exhibition closes Monday.  I had wanted to go.

We finally caught up with Chris, who we’d met at the beginning of July at Pride.  Somehow July and August have zipped by.  We went to the all-you-can-eat Japanese on Church St and ate all we could.  We were discussing our trip to Quebec tomorrow and Daniel said we were flying Air Canada, from Pearson airport so would need to leave early.  I thought that odd as Porter had emailed me today a reminder about my flight tomorrow.  Had we accidentally booked different airlines!?  Luckily I’d piped up or else we would be at the wrong airport tomorrow and miss our flight.

I’ve put my chilli plants in the baking tray and filled it with water.  Hopefully that will help them survive the weekend away.  Not sure about the tomato plants.  I might need to put them in the bath, or the kitchen sink.

My balcony plants have grown.
My balcony plants have grown.

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