Day 81 – Tue 3 Sep 2013 La Mauricie National Park, Québec

We drove about two hours West today, to La Mauricie National Park.  The weather was perfect for it: forecast 18 degreres Celcius and 40% chance of rain.  The sky was overcast and occasional gentle showers were broken by bursts of sunlight.  We did short (< 2 km each) hikes from the road to viewpoints.  Dan drove all day, which I found quite relaxing, until he declared that I was driving home.   I drove home, and marvelled that we had managed an all-day driving trip without having a real argument (one where we both insist the other is being completely unreasonable and talk so much that I forgot why we were even arguing but I know Daniel should apologise).  That was until we got to the Hilton carpark.  Daniel got upset with me huffing at him for putting my backpack on the ground or something.  We walked back to the hostel separately.  Mostly because Daniel ran through the red pedestrian light and I waited for the walking numbers that never came, and by the time I got to cross I found a different direction back.  Daniel must have been waiting for me at a street corner because I arrived before he did.

We walked along a street of restaurants and souvenir shops to find dinner. Daniel was the rate-limiting step in this reaction; he wanted something chicken but more choice than one dish.  I got tired of an entire street of successive declines and when I saw an assiette that had lamb chops, steak, a veal cutlet, tortellini and a salmon I said we were staying.  I wish I hadn’t.  There were only two other tables and you’d think that would make the three staff available to wait on the table available to wait on the table.  We each had one glass of water that was never re-filled.  Daniel asked what was in the tortellini (veal) and didn’t order it because he doesn’t eat veal.  The waiter assumed his question meant he wanted it and brought it out.  Very awkward having to send it back.  He hadn’t wanted it at all.  Dan ordered a fruit salad for dessert, it was from a tin.  It’s our last night in Quebec and although the food was not bad the venue tarnished it.  I think they got pissed off at the miscommunication.
It’s been weird immersed in a Francophone city again.  I feel like I’m in Europe.  At least, it feels far from home, wherever that is right now.  I hope my plants haven’t drowned.

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