Day 86 The Working Week is to Recover From the Weekend

Today I planned on sleeping in, but Daniel woke up and, despite thinking he was being quiet, reading Facebook updates on his iPhone, his non-sleeping pattern of breathing and occasional purposeful movement was too loud for me to stay asleep and I woke up too, not wanting to miss out on the day that had so clearly begun.  We had a work brunch today – the Women’s Imaging Fellows (there’s three of us) at our supervisor’s house.  It was a relaxed affair, for us.  Meaghen and her husband had prepared so many little things, like take-home show bag gifts!  We were awarded a Canadian tote bag with some maple syrup and a mini flag and a little toy.  It was touching.   On the train home we had planned to drop into the Eaton Centre to look at speakers – watching Netflix on my laptop is pointless when I can’t hear any of the sound with the crappy speakers.  I didn’t like anything we saw.  We got waylaid in several shops finding things we didn’t know we needed (like 40% of the markdown price of half-priced A&F tanks) as well as things we need for Albert coming to stay in two weeks.  We got home so late we had to drop bags, turn around and leave for tonight’s TIFF film, Eastern Boysdirected by Robin Campillo, who did a Q&A after the film.  Bedtime already.


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