Day 92 And the Sun Came Back Out

This must be what autumn is.  Perth has two seasons: summer and winter.  Apparently Toronto has all four.  It’s currently “fall”.  Last week there was a chill in the air.  I think it rained a bit too.  Today the sun came out.  We had no plans until our TIFF film at 9pm tonight so seized the opportunity to catch a ferry from downtown harbour front to Toronto Islands.  I had no concept of how big or small the islands were.  At first I expected it would be analogous to Rottnest Island in Western Australia – 11 km long.  They have bike hire, it must be several kilometres across.  Nope.  We walked right through the middle in 10 minute to the bike hire, then realised we could just walk around the island.

The ferry ride was quick, which was good because the wind was icy.  I moaned that I shouldn’t have worn shorts.  Today’s lesson: look out the window and wear what the people on the street are wearing.  We had singlets and shorts; everybody else had long pants and windbreakers.

We went West around the island, walking first along a boardwalk that faced Lake Ontario.  I saw something that looked like an otter swim out of the lake and onto a rock, drop a small fish then proceed to rub itself along moss on the rock.  Dan thought I was just pretending to see something as he took forever to see the whatever it was. He took photos.

We were hungry as it was almost lunch time by the time we got to the Eastern part of the island. We stopped into a small café that had a very small selection: toast, some chicken wrap, or French toast.  There was a wasp in the sugar.  There were bees, wasps and birds.  They all wanted the maple syrup on our French toast.  I was more relaxed when one wasp was still, eating maple syrup of Dan’s plate.  But another kept erratically flying into my face, into my plate.  I put my A&F hoodie on and twitched.  I was not very successful trying to relax and eat with insects flying about, especially because they were potentially stinging.  Ever since I stood on a bee at age 6, unable to stop my foot from falling into the bee because my legs were strapped into my callipers (the treatment in 1985 for Perthés Disease), I haven’t been keen to stay close to stinging insects.

We walked back to Centre Island and into Carousel Café where we had not bad burgers for lunch.  We picked at a few of the mountain of fries that came as an accompaniment.  We then hired a 2-person kayak.  Next time we are hiring separate kayaks.

On the subway ride home we stopped off at College and went into Loblaws.  I love Loblaws.  We always seem to go grocery shopping under time pressure.  Dan must not like the bustle or just wants to get home or something.  I just like to wander aisles and look at things I might want to eat.  Or the packaging.  I think if I get old and demented I’ll just hang out in grocery stores and re-organise shelves of produce.  That would be fun. As we technically had nothing to do today and were meant to be relaxing (it honestly did feel like we were on holiday on Toronto Island) I declared that I was just going to enjoy wandering around the store and looking at all the crazy products they have.  There were gold fish shaped cheese savoury snack things that came in rainbow colours.  There were also a good number of very hot guys.

We accidentally left with almost $200 of groceries – double our weekly budget.  I think that Dan’s need to buy a new $35 electric toothbrush contributed to that.  I bought a lot of lunchbox size fruit (peaches and mandarins) as I’ve been quite successful this month taking a ham and cheese and tomato sandwich, a banana, a peach and mixed nuts (damn! That’s what I was meant to buy at the shops) to work for lunch.

They even had Loacker hazelnut wafers.  I’m not sure what country they are from but they’ve been selling them in Perth and they’re the best.  I intend to have one with a cup of coffee but inevitably the packet is almost all gone by the time I get home.

Carrying over-filled bags of groceries on the subway isn’t very practical.  I broke an egg, swinging the bag back onto my shoulder.

Dan made two ridiculous Dad-joke worthy puns today:

1. He named the seagull on the pier when the ferry docked, Steven.

2. He declared a passing orange and black butterfly was Queen Elizabeth.  Why!?  Because it’s a monarch butterfly.

I tried to suffocate him with my shirtsleeve but was unsuccessful.  I knew I should have whacked him on the back of the head with my kayak paddle when I had the chance and he wasn’t paddling the way I thought was the best.




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