Day 93 Last Lazy Sunday Until November

The next six weekends are already booked up with in-town radiology conferences/courses and a few trips (New York, Ottawa).  We took the opportunity to sleep in this morning.  Today was our last film for the TIFF.  We saw Attila Marcel, another weird French film.  This one is about a pianist who had a traumatic childhood and unlocks his memories through tea laced with LSD.

After the film we were hungry and caught a streetcar along Queen St West to find a Terroni open (the Italian restaurant chain that we’d previously had something nice to eat in on Adelaide St East).  The food wasn’t spectacular today and the waitress irritated me; if you want customers to order a dessert maybe hand the menu to them and suggest one that would make them salivate and want to order the food, if not just ditch the menu onto the table as an afterthought as you walk by, without acknowledgement.  We left without dessert.  I find it odd with customer service, or lack of.  I will usually buy more and more if offered nicely, mainly because I can pay for more and have a rubber arm for anything that sounds delicious.  But too often a server is blasé and makes me feel that they just don’t want me there, so I don’t stay.  I wonder if they think in their heads, “Oh he’s not ordered an entreée so I can’t be bothered with him because he won’t order much.”?  Then they just make their assumption come true.  Next time we want Italian we’re going to go and spend fifty bucks at Loblaws and come home and cook a feast.

We had gone all the way West to find a patisserie recommended by one of the other Abdo Fellows.  Nadège, on Queen St West.  Their almond croissant was worth the streetcar ride all the way West of Spadina, and dozing off to sleep on the subway back up to Bloor.  It made up for the not having had dessert.

They hummed the British Airways theme song in the film today.  I’d forgot about this version.

We found a new quote today: two girls nattering behind us on our streetcar West about looking for employment, “Did you call Julia?”  People have the most intimate conversations loudly in public.  I suppose my writing a travel blog isn’t much different.  I wanted to turn around and say, “Julia? I called Julia! How could you not call JULIA!?” Daniel and I spent the rest of the afternoon periodically stopping, turning and asking, “Well, did you call Julia?”  It fits nicely with the ladies at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth talking loudly behind us in the stalls about PIAF shows, “This really set the benchmark for whole festival.”  It’s amazing how you can say that about any random thing.  See an interesting person walk by, or eat something tasty: “That really set the benchmark for the whole festival!”  Did I call Julia?

Dan managed to motivate us both to the gym this afternoon, even though I was rapidly falling asleep.  It’s cloudy this afternoon.  17:30 and it’s already feeling like evening.  What happened to the sun going down after 21:00, like when we arrived in June!?


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  1. “Their almond croissant was worth the streetcar ride all the way West of Spadina, and dozing off to sleep on the subway back up to Bloor.”

    It’s not THAT far! 🙂

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