Day 95 Zonked

We’re both strangely fatigued today.  I wonder if any of our neighbours were secretly playing loud music at 3am but turning it off when we started to wake up so we never woke up but didn’t really sleep and woke up feeling like we hadn’t slept?  So my plans of getting out of bed at 6am to go to the gym didn’t happen. We got up after 7am and went to the gym instead.  Chest and biceps.  More people seem to have moved into the condominium, so now we have to share things like the exercise room and the elevators.  It was rather nice living in an empty building.  I think if I had to be in a science fiction film space flight where there weren’t many people on board I’d be quite happy with that.  

Today I had an academic day where I managed to get a lot done, or at least it felt like it.  I started at MSH and got a new ID badge.  Somehow even though my contract is for two years Human Resources can’t bring themselves to let my badge say that, and I had to update my 2-month Clinical Fellow badge to a end-of-June-2014 Clinical Fellow badge.  What a waste of plastic!  They even made me take another non-identifying hospital mission statement attachment that I’d discarded from my last badge.  I have to have ID cards for three hospitals here!  It’s like hanging a deck of playing cards off my neck.  I could add my Western Australian ID cards from RPH, FHS, PMH and SCGH and it would be a whole set. I’m at the point where I’d rather just have a barcode tattooed to my arm or a chip implanted into my wrist.  Maybe that will happen in my career and I’ll regret even thinking it.

Again I got MSH and PMH confused.  They’re both brown exterior hospitals.  They’re next to each other on University Avenue.  They both require walking up staircases, getting lost in a maze of narrow corridors, then realising you’re in the wrong hospital.  I wonder if it’s the same for patients? I’ve realised the easiest way to tell which hospital I’m in is by the coffee shop on the ground floor: Starbucks is for TGH, Tim Hortons for WCH, Second Cup for MSH and Druxy’s for PMH.  Perhaps the hospitals should re-brand and just name themselves after a coffee shop.  The colours would be easier to recognise.

I came home for lunch because again I took both my house keys and Daniel’s house keys to work.  Last time I did this I suggested to Daniel that he didn’t put his house keys on my desk, where I routinely put my ID cards, wallet, phone and keys, because my routine is to sweep everything off the edge when I leave and shove it all into my pockets.  I’m reading a book about habits and have realised that I make things easier by forming habits, like putting keys in the same spot, and shoving them in my pocket before I walk out the door.  This causes relationship friction though when one is wandering around a brown hospital wondering which one it is and a SMS alerts, “Do you have my house keys?”.  

I made ham, tomato and cheese toasties for lunch.  Perfect.

In the afternoon I was back at PMH for a bit, then came home worked on my laptop after dinner.  4-page Patient Consent Form is drafted.  Next I just have to try not to poke my eyes out clicking through the now-electronic form of ethics board approved torture known as a Research Ethics Board application.  I could happily sit all day, and I do, filling out information in formats that make sense, like a synoptic breast imaging report.  On the other hand, when bureaucracy mutates with protocols and boards and research multiples of forms spring up, many of which duplicate information, or have badly written questions but you aren’t allowed to question the questions or make sense of anything, you just have to fill everything out.  Twice.  In blue or black pen.  

If my tally is correct this Sunday will be our 100th Day in Canada.  And Albert arrives, to celebrate.  We still haven’t got a fourth person for our table at Alinea next Thursday. 


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