Day 98 I Wish The Week Were Over

Today was not the best week.  Thankfully, I took cake (Dan baked it for me) for the radiographers, which gave returns: 2 cucumbers.  One of the radiographers has had a bumper crop from her vegetable garden.

I would very much like for today (Friday) to herald the end of a long and frustrating week, as I am very much exhausted, over it, and can’t wait to go home to Australia.  Except it isn’t. In a fit of enthusiasm (which I am now in a deficit of) I enrolled in a one-day fetal heart imaging course.  Then, on Sunday a four-day Organ Imaging course, run by the department I am working for, starts.  I’ve enrolled Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

As all things happen at once I have two Research Ethics Board submissions to get submitted before we fly to Chicago next Thursday morning, and we have a guest arriving this Sunday.

Thankfully Dan is super incredibly supportive and has made some sort of sangria ready to pour as I walked through the door and I’m about to pass out after three sips.


5 thoughts on “Day 98 I Wish The Week Were Over

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  1. Hey Glen. The Australia you left is no more. With Abbott appointing himself to look after “womens’ interests” and abolishing the climate commission even a crap week in Canada’s gotta be better than a good week here.

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