Day 108 MoMA and Stuff

Busy day today.  The energy of New York seems to have swept us up.  Got up early, thanks to Albert setting an alarm.  Ate a quick breakfast downstairs in the hotel before walking up to the Museum of Modern Art.  There was a bit of a wait out the front as it’s a popular place to go.  Dan and I managed to walk through all the levels within three hours (Oh! Another Duchamp!) before scouring the shop for souvenirs, eating something for lunch, and going back to the hotel for a nap.  Albert somehow managed to stay until the place closed after 5pm.


Dan and I caught a train South to meet up with Aaron for dinner.  I looked up Italian places to eat on TripAdvisor and found a small place on 10th Avenue that had had good reviews and thankfully it lived up to those reviews.  We’ll definitely go back next time we’re in town.

After dinner we met up at Flaming Saddles, the cowboy-themed gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen.  Periodically the bar tenders jump on the bar and dance, like in that Cougar movie.  It was fun.  It’s been a good trip.


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