Day 110 Calm Blue Oceans

First day at PMH Breast Imaging today.  It’s the “busy” hospital.  It didn’t help on my first day, when the Workup List was 19 cases (I didn’t manage them all), plus add-ons, plus somehow magically meant to be reporting 20 mammos and 6 MRIs (while simultaneously clapping my hands, singing karaoke and hopping on no feet because they were chopped off) that my workstation computer can’t handle having more than one study open at once (e.g. mega huge files that are mammograms or breast MRI), the dictation software typed gibberish for everything, or just froze periodically and crashed, and the microphone automatic setting decided that it would record the entire room, all day also causing the computer to not cope with so much input. The mammography PACS is Hologic, which is different to WCH, so all the buttons are in different spots.

I had a few hookwire insertions, my first mammographic-guided one in Toronto today where after much confusion on my part I realised that they don’t use stereotactic guidance, just mammography, which is why all the images had the needle in situ.  It was good to learn a new technique. Plus, they do tomosynthesis (which Dragon refused to type) which is new for me.

Thankfully the radiographers/sonographers were nearly all amazingly friendly, supportive and really good at their jobs. It makes a huge difference to work with a good team.

I worked with another new radiologist today who thankfully offered to buy me coffee mid-morning, and laughed her head off when I asked for an espresso. Where do you think you are!? she was incredulous. I had to settle for hot brown dishwater from Druxy’s.

I’ve come home with a tension headache. Dan made the yummiest curry for dinner, which I wolfed down. My desk is tidied, my work and home email inboxes cleared, the dishes are washing in the dishwasher. I’ve submitted my REB submission back to its PI, so can now get back to reading articles for a different REB submission.

Today I feel like a rat on a treadmill. Our brief holiday in New York is a distant memory.


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