Day 112 Goodbye Summer

First chilli
First chilli

Summer is over.  For the first time I can remember I’ve realised that we’re experiencing the season of autumn.  This morning it was drizzly when I went to work.  I took an umbrella.  This evening the sun was out but it was cool.  This evening there is a chilly breeze on the balcony.  Although I only had 3 days at work this week it was tiring.  New hospital, busy workload, long days.  I’m glad we had nothing planned for tonight.  Need an early night as tomorrow is another full day work-related course.

Two weeks ago we’d thought we’d lost an umbrella. I looked for it all over.  I must’ve taken it to work and left it under a desk, or in a seminar room.  We’d have to plan a time to go back down to St Lawrence Markets and find the shop that sold them, nearby on Jarvis St.  Last week Dan opened the cupboard and found it.

Dan's keys.
Dan’s keys.

This morning I took Dan’s keys to work, again.  He’d left them on my desk, again.  This is the fourth time now.  I got home and attached three novelty Canadian keyrings that we bought as souvenirs to send back home, but haven’t got around to it yet.  I bought keyrings for Dad and Aunty Ella at Niagara Falls too but they’re still in my desk drawer.  Will have to stick to postcards.

Today at work we had an excellent team and it went smoothly.  I had a lunch break and got out of work on time.  Unheard of in a breast clinic, let alone PMH.  I even had time to review the MRI for the MRI biopsy case next Monday morning, that hopefully I’ll get to do.  Today I had a lucky day with post-biopsy clips; they were all perfectly positioned.  As I’ve had a few difficult weeks here in breast my heart was in my throat every time the radiographer came in to review the post-clip mammograms.    Somehow, today was a good day and all my clips looked perfectly positioned on their mammograms.  I’ll have to write that on a Post It on the fridge for next time none of them are nicely positioned.


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