You Can Never Be Too Paranoid

I’m usually quite paranoid.  Sometimes it doesn’t help.  I once thought I was being followed while walking through a park in Paris and about to get mugged so I slipped my wallet out of my pocket, knelt down and pretended to tie my shoelace and buried my wallet under some leaves.  Which I lost and never found my wallet or money again.

Tonight I got a Facebook friend request from my Aunt, who already has a Facebook account.  Same photo.  I thought maybe she was doing the two account thing – one for work, one for family.  So I friended her.  Then I thought it was odd, and messaged, “Why the new profile?”  No response.  Then somebody else commented, “I think it’s fake.”  The thread was quickly deleted.  Thankfully it’s daytime back home in Australia and my sister and Dad, who had already just friended the fake profile, were both online.

My sister called my Aunt, at work, and have found that the fake profile has already asked people for money.  Scammers work fast.



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