Day 125 What a Day

Today was a big day.  I was meant to be at work well before 8am, to get cracking on the three MRI guided breast biopsies booked this morning.  I was rostered to present Fellow Rounds at lunch, we had Abdo Rounds after work and tonight we hired a car to drive out to Mississauga for the Toronto Ski Show (big advertising exhibition and last year’s ski gear on sale for half price).

We went shopping!
We went shopping!

I forgot to switch my alarms back on, after having enjoyed a glorious sleep in until 8:30 yesterday.  Consequently I rolled over at 07:35 thinking how wonderful a sleep I had, and remarkably how bright it was.  I should’ve been at College St by then, catching a streetcar West.  I bolted out of bed, dragged yesterday’s clothes on.  No shower, no breakfast.  I missed the chance for the first biopsy but I got to assist.  The second two were my responsibility.

We'd never wear this back home.
We’d never wear this back home.

We’ve just got home from driving out to Mississauga where we both bought ski pants, ski jackets, and goggles.  They were all “half price”, but rather expensive to begin with.  Hopefully with our membership in the ski club this year we’ll get good use out of them.  I chose a dark green (was going to by sun yellow but they were twice the price).  Dan chose street cone orange.



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