Day 129 October Is A Long Month

It was good to come home last night, to our king-sized IKEA bed.  The mattress was so much more comfortable than the hostel in Ottawa; I didn’t wake up with a stiff back.  Also, no girls burst into our apartment in the middle of the night either.  I did notice, however, that there are a lot of sirens, and traffic on Bloor St throughout the night.  It’s going to be weird when we go home to Perth and it’s quiet.  Today I spent most of the day on workup, from MRI to US biopsies.  I only managed to read out two MRI’s as the list was quickly cleared.  It’s always the way, the day that I am on top of everything and have a chance to increase my MRI numbers and there’s nothing to report.

One of the breast radiologists I worked with  is a bit of a character, and today she had setup her workstation with reporting music on her iPhone – some of it sounded like carnatic music I used to learn in conjunction with Indian dance classes.  I recommended Sheila Chandra’s album, Abonecronedrone.  It was good to be able to talk about something other than non-mass enhancement kinetics.  Another of the radiologists ran a half-marathon downtown yesterday.  It’s curious; two weeks ago work was incredibly stressful and I started to count down the days until I start my month in obstetrics, today I suddenly felt sad that I have to move hospitals again because I’ve started to fit in again, know my way around.

At the start of my fellowship I vowed that I wouldn’t drink the coffee from Tim Hortons.  It’s like dishwater.  That was until I discovered their vanilla latté – which is probably just sugar and milk powder.  Also, the only other choice to buy coffee at PMH is Druxy’s Deli, which is just hot brown dishwater.  I should’ve just lugged my Nespresso into the reporting area.

Tonight I got home late, as we had Abdo Fellow rounds.  Andreu gave a good presentation of interesting cases, with summary slides of key diagnostic imaging features of the conditions shown.  It was gusty on University Avenue as I walked North, to Queens Park Subway Station.  By the time I got to Bloor/Yonge there was a smattering of rain.  I’m still excited anticipating snow.  A few months to go.

Tonight Daniel had steamed broccoli and salmon, with a ginger and citrus marinade.  It was delicious.  In the Thermoix, no less. When I went downstairs to the exercise room all but one of the treadmills was in use.  The building is getting busy, now that is reaching full occupancy.  We have to wait for the lifts now.  It’s very different to living in a house.

Tonight the ACT has passed a bill to legalise same-sex marriage.  It passed by one vote: 9 to 8.  The Federal government is going to challenge it in the High Court.  I think I’ll close our apartment window tonight so I don’t have to listen to the sirens and traffic outside.  I just want to sleep.


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