Day 135 Green Gables

We drove around the North and central part of Prince Edward Island today, arguing about the direction every 20 km or so.  We saw a few lovely dead-end roads.  We discovered the #2 road goes both East and West, passing through Charlottetown like a capital “U”.  I tried to help Dan navigate, using Google Maps on my iPhone, but his choice of sharp acceleration/deceleration and speed at turning corners made me carsick.  Hmm, I am making it sound like we didn’t have fun. We did. We even sang along to the gayest selection of power ballads on my iPhone on the way home (Celine Dion, Cher, Eurovision).


So I have not read Anne of Green Gables.  At least I don’t recall reading it.  I might have read it but forgot.  The house was lovely, setup to look like a 19th Century Queen Anne Revival something something.  It was lightly raining.  Dan took a million photos.  I felt like I did at Chateau D’If: maybe I should’ve read the book first.

For dinner tonight I ordered a crab. It was like eating a pomegranate.  Difficult.  My memories of pulling crab meat out of a leg from childhood, Mum showing me how to lever the shell’s weak points to crack it open, were of very tasty meat, covered in sauce.  As it’s so cold here my steamed crab with a butter sauce on the side, was just pleasant plain crab taste, with congealed butter accents.  It was OK but not amazing.

We’ve nested ourselves back in the B&B, by the gas fireplace.  We had a nap this afternoon but the dark outside and cold make you feel sleepy.  It’s only 20:30!



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