Day 136 PEI East Island

We slept in this morning.  No use taking a day off work for a weekend mini-break and getting up earlier than you would during the week – that was my reasoning yesterday when I was whinging at breakfast to Martha about how early we’d woken up to get a start on driving around the island.  This morning there were two other couples at breakfast: a man and a woman from Northern Ontario, who’d driven to PEI over a few days as part of a holiday; two women who had driven across Canada from Alberta, because one was moving home to Munckton, after living in Alberta for decades.  Our accents immediately betrayed us, and we underwent the inevitable explanation of how we came to be on the other side of the world.  Again, despite being 34 years old I was asked, “So are you in school in Toronto?” The man laughed that I was in Canada on a two-year Work Permit because his son had just got a two year work visa to Australia.


Dan wanted to see East Point Lighthouse – right on the Eastern tip of the island, about 100 km away (the whole island is about 275 km end-to-end so it’s slightly bigger than Rottnest and probably not so easy to cycle in half an hour).  We drove inland and meandered up the East coast, stopping for every interesting building, including fallen-down houses, more churches, another corn field, and nice vistas.  It was 13:00 by the time we reached the lighthouse, freezing cold, and nowhere in sight still open (everything is “Closed For The Season”) so we ended up very hungry by the time we returned to Charlottetown at 14:30.  We’d stopped in Greenwich to look at the sand dunes but I must’ve got the directions wrong (frozen Google Maps because there is no service doesn’t help, and our guide book only had general 1/3 island maps).

Our flight back to Toronto is via Montreal, so I’m guessing it will be strap-in, seatbelt sign off, strap-in and land, times two.  Hopefully we might even get to sit next to each other today.


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