Stuck on the Island

I’ve discovered that I am at a loss when I have to turn off my iPhone. That eternity onboard an aeroplane between when the cabin crew very sternly walk up and down checking you’ve powered down all electronic devices and when the magic seatbelt sign dings has become a period of time where I am instantly bored, unable to relax, and have an amazing ability to read an entire inflight magazine in minutes. Today I jealously glared at the toddler across the aisle, having fun with a colouring book, naming all the Transformers.

Air Canada boarded us, restarted the plane a few times, then got us off. There is chaos in the waiting lounge as people who need to connect from Montreal to Toronto to Calgary are queueing up to get their luggage to rebook…

Oh it’s working! Yay! We may get home after all!


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