Day 137 Our Ninth Anniversary

I put it in our shared iCalendar, so we wouldn’t forget this year.  This morning I woke before my alarm was due to go off, which was good as I left my iPhone updating to another new OS and it hadn’t finished, so consequently the alarms weren’t ever going to go off.  We got back from Montreal via a fixed price cab ($55) at 23:00 last night and getting up in the dark to get to work was a bleak start to the day.  It was mid-morning when my phone vibrated, an SMS from Daniel, “Happy anniversary!”  Fuck!  I’d completely forgot.  Today was incredibly busy at work; I didn’t leave until 18:20.  I bought three red roses from Metro in College Park then, as College St platform was full of commuters, walked home, my face frozen.

Daniel had cooked dinner and a special sticky date pudding for dessert.  It’s a low-key anniversary as we spent the weekend away.  I’ve got a new small mountain of work emails to filter through, two REB’s to get submitted this week, and a bunch of pre-reading to get read before I change rotations on the new month this Friday.  Thursday night is Halloween.  We’ve got big plans to join the Church St festivities.  I think I’d like the ability to pause time for the next week, so that I can sleep.  Tomorrow there is so much going on in the breast division I’ve had to be pulled from academic time to be back on service.  It never rains, it pours.

9th anniversary
9th anniversary

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  1. “Tomorrow there is so much going on in the breast division”: I know what you mean, Glen, but this *does* sound rather like an ad for the Playtex Wonder Bra–“It lifts, it separates . . .”

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