Day 138 Halloween Eve

Work today was stupidly busy: complex or difficult cases that  provided good learning opportunities but then drained time and energy.  I had fun though.   In my half day academic day I borrowed my Fellowship Supervisor’s office and almost completed another REB submission and finished all my pre-reading for change of term this Friday.  Very productive.  Rounds after work, scheduled for 45 minutes, went for an hour and a half.  Another day leaving work in the dark, getting home 2 hours late.

We had dinner tonight downstairs, with neighbours that we’ve friended.  It was good.  Roast chicken, vegetables and a delicious pork stuffing with fennel and star anise.

Dan carved his first Halloween pumpkin and it looks totally amazing.  The pressure is on me now to carve an equally impressive one.

Dan’s Halloween Pumpkin

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