We did the touristy thing and went to Fly with Jana last night – the Toronto nightclub that was the set for Babylon in the U.S. remake of Queer as Folk.  I think I watched that series through Med School, so it was quite surreal when I looked over the balcony and realised I knew those stairs over there went down to the toilets…  So far everybody we’ve met in Toronto has suggested against going to Fly, but we had a good night.  Probably because we had a friend from Perth to go dancing with.  At 2am I discovered that the alcohol service closes, which was a little disappointing.

Everybody was agog at this gogo dancer's performance.
Everybody was agog at this gogo dancer’s performance.

Jana, Dan and I walked down to Fly after having a few drinks at our house (Absolut with San Pellegrino mixers).  At first Jana had on her usual pair of stiletto shoes that were almost impossible to stand in, let alone walk a few blocks South West or go dancing in.  When Dan and I changed into sneakers and jeans Jana made the decision to go for comfort and function and got into her sneakers too.

The road was wet as it had been lightly drizzling and it was a bit chilly.  We had overcoats and gloves.  The walk was brisk and we entered the club quickly, as we were earlier than the crowd.  This was good, as Kevin had already been waiting for us for half an hour.  We checked our jackets and explored the venue.

Billed as a warehouse club with a reputation similar to Arq in Sydney we enjoyed several familiar tracks, and a lot of eye candy.  One of the dancers had everybody pulling out their phones to take pictures, and Jana even went up to tip him.  We were too shy and hung back.  It was a good night; we even managed to stay up past midnight as well as go Out of the House.

Jana's initial shoe choice.
Jana’s initial shoe choice.

Dan has a special ability to sniff out feel good movies for days after not enough sleep.  We’re watching Practical Magic now.  Last week it was 9 to 5.  The cold snaps have frozen most of my balcony plants.  The chilli plants have survived, after being brought inside, but all the herbs and the tomatoes are ready to be composted.

We’ve bought pumpkin, potatoes and chicken to roast tonight for Jana and her Mum.  They’re down at Harbourfront today at the Day of the Dead festival.

We still don’t have a dining table.  Hope they don’t mind sitting on the couch and floor.  Time to fire up the Thermomix and bake a few apple tea cakes.


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