Day 159 When 85% is better than 100%

Me in 2006 on Buzz Dance Theatre's Goldfield Tour Lake Ballard, Western Australia.
Me in 2006 on Buzz Dance Theatre’s Goldfield Tour Lake Ballard, Western Australia. Gormley’s Insiders

According to Sleep Cycle my sleep quality on Saturday night was 100%.  I felt like falling asleep all day Sunday.  I couldn’t wake up.  I might even have resorted to an afternoon nap.  Last night my sleep quality was only 85% but today I felt rested, went to the gym, did a solid day of playing around on Excel and drawing Regions of Interest to calculate contrast enhancement curves on Tae’s contrast ultrasound raw data.  We ate out for dinner, as the chicken breasts bought on the weekend from St. Lawrence Markets smelled off after being defrosted.  We clambered into the Royal Ontario Museum, along with people mostly aged over 40, to listen to Antony Gormley lecture about tangential ideas that had come to mind over the last 48 hours as he prepared at the last minute for his lecture, in the Windsor Hotel room.  I went along because I’d experienced one of Gormley’s works in rural Western Australia in 2006, while on tour with Buzz Dance Theatre.

Things that annoyed me at Gormley’s lecture:

I hadn’t expected a sculptor talking about art to be as engaging as his sculptures and I wasn’t proved wrong.

Lead is not impenetrable to radioactivity.  It’s just better at absorbing energy from some radiation than a piece of paper.

After the third use of juxtaposition of two words that sound similar but have different meanings to create an idea (importance or impotence?) it just sounds wanky.

Why is everybody always obsessed with dichotomies?  Everybody does it.  I can’t stop dividing things into two groups.  Gormley did a lot of dividing things into two.

The museum staff that introduced the whole annual event used so many contemporary business buzz words my head almost imploded.  He mentioned something like pillars or circles or spheres or some way of categorising museum functions that sounded like it was read off a business plan or mission statement.  After Gormley stopped talking (he didn’t really conclude anything even though he had said the words, “… in conclusion,” a few minutes before rambling to an end of talking) the museum guy started to introduce the next part of the lecture with his eyes darting from his notes to the people discretely leaving on his left.  Considering the event was billed to run from 19:00 to 20:30 and it was past that I wouldn’t be concerned a few people were wanting to go home.

Gormley, ASIAN FIELD, 2003

Things that I liked about Gormley’s lecture (and now I am dichotomising things):

Land, Sea and Air 2.

All the works with multitudes of tiny sculpted forms with eye hollows, filling a space.

The work of reproduced figures in the corners of a room (and Gormley’s British pronunciation of the word room as in book).

Antony Gormley: LAND, SEA AND AIR II

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